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By using the sleeves of the EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Upper Arm Sleeves , it is possible to achieve an optimal load for fast and durable arm training. Weight near the shoulder is a safe option. The handpieces are available in pairs and allow for a light load around the upper arm, right near the shoulder joints. With the right weight placement, the shoulder rotation required for species-like movement can be strengthened.

Exogen® Upper Arm Sleeves

    1. Remove the label cover, open the labels and turn the adhesive strips back onto the fabric
    2. Determine the right side by looking at the white label attached between the straps.
    3. Make sure that the fold of the sleeve is aligned with the back of the forearm
    4. Slide the sleeve up above the elbow
    5. Close the labels in a comfortable position
    6. Attach weights (recommended to start with light weights)
    7. Practice as usual!
  • This package includes:

    • Compression suit
    • Series of Fusiform weights (total weight depends on the selected size)
    • Rollup carrying case

    The design is unisex in size, XS - XXL. The EXOGEN garment is designed to fit snugly on your body, so the size depends on the dimensions of your body.

    Inc VAT

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