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Lila® Exogen®

We are often asked what is Lila® Exogen®? Lila® is a wearable resistance training outfit. It's not the first lightweight suit on the market, but it's arguably the most advanced. The resistance suit is individually adjustable, which means that you can modify it according to your own size, weight and movements.


Move freely

With the Lila® Exogen® resistance suit, you can practice natural sport-specific movement from a tennis pass to a soccer penalty kick - unlike traditional resistance training equipment. Each Exogen® -the detail of the outfit is designed and inspired by the free movement of a person. 


The power of microloading

Proprietary Fusiform™ micro-loading is designed to follow natural muscle architecture and flex with your body's movement. Micro-loading consists of small pieces of weight, the weight of which varies between 50 grams and 300 grams.

Exogen® turn on the speed. Laboratory studies and field testing have shown the effectiveness of specific microloading for measurable speed improvement.

Whatever your sport, speed is an important attribute.

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