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The core of our EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Top collection, which strengthens your middle body from the inside out. It offers unparalleled freedom of movement compared to other weight vests and is equipped with support straps © ️ that provide strong lower back support. You can load weights from 50 grams up to 4-8 kilograms depending on your own body size. EXOGEN SLEEVELESS TOP is one of the best kept secrets of fitness!

Exogen® Top

    1. Open the Velcro strips and turn them over
    2. Slide the garment over your hands as far as possible and only then thread your head in. Do not allow the bottom of the vest to turn underneath.
    3. Close the support strips to a comfortable position
    4. Attach weights (recommended to start with light weights)
    5. Practice as usual!

    If you feel the need for cooling or releasing compression, release the position straps to open the outfits on the outfit. The straps can be left free or rolled back.

  • This package includes:

    • Compression suit
    • Series of Fusiform weights (total weight depends on the selected size)
    • Rollup carrying case

    The design is unisex in size, XS - XXL. The EXOGEN garment is designed to fit snugly on your body, so the size depends on the dimensions of your body.

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