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EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Shorts - this part of the resistance suit is a real power pack. Thanks to its large adhesive surface, it can hold a lot of weights. The shorts are designed to fit perfectly and provide strong compression support to the hips, buttocks and front and back. The extra support tightening velcro straps on the hips are just the right way to adjust the fit as weights increase. Training should still start with light weight and increase as the training progresses.

Exogen® Shorts

    1. Open the buttocks and waistbands and turn the Velcro straps back

    2. Slide the garment on

    3. Place the buttocks and waistbands in a comfortable position and tighten if necessary as the weights increase

    4. Attach weights (recommended to start with light weights)

    5. Practice as usual!

  • This package includes:

    • Compression suit
    • Series of Fusiform weights (total weight depends on the selected size)
    • Rollup carrying case

    The design is unisex in size, XS - XXL. The EXOGEN garment is designed to fit snugly on your body, so the size depends on the dimensions of your body.

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