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The sleeves on the EXOGEN Wearable Resistance forearm are a functional tool for exercising hand, wrist and arm movements. These handpiece sleeves come in pairs. They provide support for the forearm muscles, as well as weights attached to the optimal load according to your goal. The sleeves are really well suited for physical training in almost all movements and sports. Remember to start with light weights especially with fast movements.

Exogen® Forearm Sleeves

    1. Open the straps and turn the Velcro strips back. This makes the part easier to attach.
    2. Determine the side of the sleeve by looking at the sticker attached between the straps.
    3. Make sure the spine of the sleeves is aligned below the center of the forearm
    4. Slide the sleeve up below the elbow
    5. Close the straps in a comfortable position from the outside inwards while the green remains visible
    6. Attach weights (recommended to start with light weights)
    7. Practice as usual!
  • This package includes:

    • Compression suit
    • Series of Fusiform weights (total weight depends on the selected size)
    • Rollup carrying case

    The design is unisex in size, XS - XXL. The EXOGEN garment is designed to fit snugly on your body, so the size depends on the dimensions of your body.

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