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EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Calf Sleeves wearable sole parts provide excellent resistance to running sports as well as general physical training. The tight Compression Base acts as a good support for the weights placed on them during exercise. Adding just a few hundred grams can significantly increase speed, durability and power. If you are wondering which parts you would include in your training, this is a great option for you.

Exogen® Calf Sleeves

    1. Open the Velcro strips and turn them open. This makes it easier to put on
    2. Look at the part of the white patch between the stickers on each calf
    3. When wearing the calf, make sure that the seam from which the sticker comes is in the middle of the back of the calf
    4. Slide the calves to their right place just below the knee.
    5. Close the labels in a comfortable position and tighten if necessary only as the exercise progresses and the weight increases.
    6. Attach weights (Start with a light stretch)
    7. Do your normal exercise.
  • This package includes:

    • Compression suit
    • Series of Fusiform weights (total weight depends on the selected size)
    • Rollup carrying case

    The design is unisex in size, XS - XXL. The EXOGEN garment is designed to fit snugly on your body, so the size depends on the dimensions of your body.

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