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The most advanced training tool.

Lila® Exogen® wearable resistance consists of five parts that can be put on and can be precisely adjusted to the specific needs of the athlete. The optimal tool for developing an athlete's performance.


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Lila® Athletes Finland

We operate under the name LILA Athletes Finland as an importer of resistance training equipment Lila® Exogen®, which is the most advanced resistance training equipment on the market to improve the athlete's performance. It is a new, effective and unique outfit that can be used in any sport.

Whether you're a sprinter who needs an extra boost for speed training, a golfer whose goal is to add more length to your swing, or a hobbyist who wants to improve your overall fitness, Exogen® wearable resistance is just for you.



"With the Lila® Exogen® wearable resistance, I found myself gaining invisible strength and improving my endurance. I know my opponents will notice that in future competitions."

Pok Biil, kickboxer

Lila® Exogen® products

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